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最新の記事 (日本/アジア)

Just like in Okinawa, militarism disrupts the lives of local residents. And the local people are fighting back. You can click the graphic to read one of the stories. Click the below graphic to see a larger view of the poster. Click the PDF to read more about the courageous people's struggle.
The caption shows soil contamination of CS-134 and 135 that, when correlated with  a study of the after-effects of Chernobyl, indicate that children living in coastal and adjacent regions--including Fukushima and Koriyama cities--are at risk of accelerated pulmonary aging . See these articles...
Please read this poem and consider what is really wrong with all the "Ganbare Nippon" crap that tries to hijack our anger at the nuclear industry and government, the same parties who killed 10s of thousands, drove others to suicide, deteroyed land and livelihoods, and continues to wreak havoc.

話題の記事 (日本/アジア)

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